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Hayabusa "Intoxicated till morning"


2019 year 12 month 18 day release, new generation Kayo group Hayabusa 12th single.
Hikaru and Yamato's two people are woven by men and women. Hayabusa's main road, a long-awaited duet song.
Hikaru's female vocals are fascinating, Yamato's masculinity is a male part, and the story of the end of love unfolds in a night tavern.
A new karaoke classic song from Reiwa that can be sung by any man, man or woman.
The product is available in two types, "A type" and "B type".
The coupling song for "A type" includes the original song "Hakata Matsuri Uta", and the coupling song for "B type" includes the cover for "Blue Sky Blue" by Hideki Saijo.

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