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Hayabusa - Spider man's dance (single version)


♪ I'm a good man of spider-man dance ~ ♪
New Generation Kayo Group · Hayabusa's 9 work single eyes, title is "Spider man's dance" (single version).
Kenichi Maeda, a sound producer of Hadain, an unpublished poetry by Aku Kaoru who celebrated the Memorial Year of 2017 / lyricist 10 after his death in 50. 2017 year 11 month 15 released on the album "Aku Memorial Memorial Songs"
"Springman's Dance" which was contained as a new record in "Youth breaks" is renewed completely, and this time Ha! Uva's released as a genuine "single version"! A song with a pop sound reminiscent of a series of hit works by Yu Aku!
Hayabusa attacks from the front in the work world of songwriter Ayu Ayu representing Japanese singing circles! In addition, releases are "A type", "B type", "C type", which are different coupling musings. 2018 year 3 moon, another new "Hayabusa world" will spread! She!

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