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NHK BS Premium “New BS Nihon no Uta” will appear! 11 / 14 (Thursday) Public recording in Hachiman City, Kyoto Prefecture!


NHK BS Premium "New · BS Japan's Song" appeared!
Public recording will be performed in Hachiman City, Kyoto Prefecture!
Broadcast date will be announced as soon as determined.

[Schedule] 11 month 14 day (Thursday)
[Time] 18: 00 opening 18: 40 opening 20: 40 opening scheduled
[Venue] Kyoto / Yawata City Cultural Center
(Yawata Takahata 5-3 / Keihan Main Line "Yawata-shi Station" for about 10 in Kyoto)
[Other appearances] Yukino Ichikawa, Kim Yong-ja, Reiko Segawa, Hiroshi Miyama, Aiko Moriyama and others (in alphabetical order)

★ viewing application method ★
Admission is free, admission ticket (1 people admission Allowed in 2 sheets) is required.
Please send us your postcard postcard (excluding me) by specifying the following necessary matter.
<Outbound Credit Surface> 614-8037 Yahata Takahata 5-3 Yahata City Cultural Center
<Back side for inbound call> Postal code, address, name, telephone number
<Surface for reply> Zip code, address, name
<Back side for reply> Please do not write anything as it prints lottery results.
* Postage will be changed from 10 month 1 day.
[When posting by 9 month 30 day] Round-trip postcard fee: 124 yen (When returning, postage of postcard will be 63 yen, please post a 1 yen stamp)
[When posting after 10 month 1 day] Round-trip postcard fee: 126 yen
Must arrive 10 month 8 day (Tue)

※ is required admission tickets from 1 years of age or older children.
* If there are a large number of applications, the winners will be sent out after the lottery. (About 10 month 28 days)
※ purchase for the purpose of resale in the Internet auction, etc. strictly prohibited. If the trade was found to be a purchase for the purpose of, I will consider it as outside the lottery object.
※ Applications with postings other than postal postcards and postcards that do not fill in are not eligible for draw. In addition, please refrain from using ballpoint pen which letters disappear by frictional heat etc.
※ There is no application accepted in the fan club.

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