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Live broadcast programs from 6: 7 every Monday afternoon from 00 on Nagara Group YouTube channel "NAGARA TV"! The first time is "Hayabusa"!


Live broadcast programs will start from 6 every Monday afternoon 7: 00 on the official YouTube channel "NAGARA TV" of Nagara Group! !

The name is also "Monu Nana!" !

Artists and actors from the Nagara group perform weekly."Hayabusa" is in charge of the first 6 month 3 day (Monday)!

Please watch it by all means ♪

■ Broadcast is here! !

※ You can send comments during the broadcast by logging in to YouTube and watching it! Since you need a Google (Google) account to log in, if you do not have an account yet, please register from here! (Account registration is free)


Once you have created an account, please also subscribe to the channel!
You will be able to receive channel notifications via push notifications and emails, and you will be able to immediately see when new videos have been posted.

★ ☆ Delivery schedule of XNUM X month ☆ ★
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon) afternoon X NUM X Cast: Hayabusa
6 Mon XNUM Day (Mon) Afternoon at XNUM X Cast: Shirataki Festival or Ayumi Takahashi
6 Mon XNUM X (Mon) Afternoon XNUM X Cast: Misaki Iwasa
6 Mon XNUM X (Mon) Afternoon XNUM X Cast: Folk song girls

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