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5 / 25 (Sat) Billiken, Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa, Minyo Girls Shooting event held decision!


5 Mon XNUM X (Sat) Billiken, Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa, It has been decided to hold the first shooting event by Nagara Group of Minyo Girls!
The entry fee (3,000 yen) comes with a shooting ticket (OK for both cameras such as Cheki and smartphone), so if you can join, you can enjoy singing, talk and shooting! Of course it is OK to add a photo ticket (1 yen), so please take a favorite shot ♪

<Schedule>2019 years 5 month 25 day (Saturday)
◆ 1 sectionFolk song girls (participation plan: Ryo, Miyabi, Yua, Rio, Minori, Rina, clear)
11: 00 ~ 11: 30 opening
11: 30 ~ 12: 00 event
12: 00 to 13: 00 Photography meeting (scheduled for time)
※ About the folk song girls photo event will be the same content as the bonus event of "anti-van event".
For details, please check "About ★ Folk Songs Girls Club ★" at the bottom of the page.

◆ 2 sectionMisaki Iwasa
13: 30 ~ 14: 00 opening
14: 00 ~ 14: 30 event
14: 30 to 15: 30 Photography meeting (scheduled for time)
* You can shoot 1 shots (check or camera) with 2 shots.

◆ 3 sectionBilliken & TS.MOROTARO
16: 00 ~ 16: 30 opening
16: 30 ~ 17: 00 event
17: 00 to 18: 00 Photography meeting (scheduled for time)
★ About Biriken & TS.MOROTARO photo session ★
<Feature Details>
・ You can interact with member XNUM names and XNUM seconds for 1 photos. [Photographing (self-photographing is possible) / signature is also possible]
※ If you wish to shoot 2 shots with members 3, you will need 2 shots.
※ If you have multiple tickets, you can participate in the photo session for the number of photo tickets.
Example) If you use 2 photo tickets for 1 members, you can interact with 1 minutes.
※ The sign book is only for sign book and billiken goods.
※ Photographing ticket will be valid only on the day.

◆ XNUM X section Hayabusa
18: 30 ~ 19: 00 opening
19: 00 ~ 19: 30 event
19: 30 to 20: 30 Photography meeting (scheduled for time)
* You can shoot 1 shots (check or camera) with 2 shots and 2 shots with 3 shots.

※ The time of the event and photo session may be changed depending on the number of participants.
※ I will shoot the Cheki camera here to prepare. Take care with your camera or smartphone, as we will shoot with your shooting equipment.

<Venue>Japan-Budan Kaikan (Ebisu 3-9-25 in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) ※ walks Ebisu Station XNUM minutes
<Fee>XNUM X yen (tax included / specified by all seats) X NUM X shot shooting ticket included (X NUM X photos)
★ Talk with everyone, such as singing XNUM song + question corner!
※ The number of songs may increase depending on the artist.
★ Artist goods will also be released! If you missed a concert, etc., check it out! !
★ XNUM X Shot Shooting Event!
There are 3,000 photo tickets on the entry fee (1 yen), so all attendees can participate in XNUM X shot shooting!
Furthermore, additional shooting tickets are also available for purchase in XNUM yen, so please take your favorite shots with costumes and situations unique to this day ♪
※ You can participate in the photo session as many times as you like. In addition, it will be finished as soon as the line is broken.

☆ Registration method ☆
■ CN Play Guide
・ When applying from the phone
TEL: 0570-08-9999 * Operator support (10: 00 to 18: 00)
・ When applying from the site
★ XNUM X Moon X NUM X (Saturday) X NUM X: Launched X NUM X!

★ About folk girls privilege meeting ★
<Benefits Contents>
[Photographed ticket 1] One of the following
· Two-shot shooting with cast member 1 name (no signature camera or camera)
· Cast member 1 name to favorite things sign & comment
【Award ticket 2 sheets】
· Shooting with all cast members or favorite combination members (no signature or no camera)
[Award ticket 3 sheets] either of the following
· Cast member 1 second camera shooting
· All member members or members of your favorite combination are taken 10 seconds camera

«Rewards Flow»
(1) Photographing with members of the entire set or your favorite combination of 2 to 3 coupons <No sign Cheki or camera)
(2) Shooting with 1 photos using 3 photos and 1 photos (No sign Cheki or Camera)
(3) Signs & Comments for Favorite Things Using 1 Photos
※ If you have multiple "shooting tickets" and wish to shoot, sign and write multiple times, please use the award ticket again to get to the end.

★ About the sale of folk song girls goods ★
As with regular events for folk songs, each time you buy goods for 2,000 yen 【Reward ticket 1 pieces + 1 points】, “Pleasure performance” or “Fighter battle ・ Seriously (Maj) live!” Tickets 1 each purchase Award ticket 2 pieces + 2 points] are also included!

· Acts such as recording on the day of the event, recording, photography etc are prohibited.
· After the application, we can not change or cancel the contents. Please note.
· Event contents are subject to change without notice.
・ Preschoolers can not enter.

【Inquiry】 Nagara Family Club
03-5785-3571 (weekdays 13: 30 ~ 17: 30)

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