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6 / 13 (Thursday) NHK BS Premium "New / BS Japanese Song" Public Recording


[Announcement of program viewing Wanted]

Published NHK BS premium "New · BS Japan's Song" publicly
[Date] XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Thursday)
[Place] Mihara City Cultural Arts Center Popolo (2-1-1 Miyaura Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
[Time] Opening 18: 00 / opening 18: 40 / closing 20: 40 schedule
[Viewing application]
Admission is free but entrance ceremony tickets (1 entrance allowed for 2 people) are necessary.
Please fill in the following necessary information on postal postcard (excluding me) to apply.

【For back side】 (1) ZIP code, (2) address, (3) name, (4) phone number
【Reply Surface】 (1) ZIP Code, (2) Address, (3) Name
【Back side for reply】 Please do not write anything. (We print the lottery result and return it)
[Destination] Poppo "New BS Nihon no Uta" in charge of Miura City Art and Culture Center Miyaura 723-0051-2 Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture 1-1
【Deadline】 5 Month 22 Day (Wednesday)

* An admission ticket is required from children older than 1 years old.
* If there are a large number of applicants, we will send out the winning and losing results around 5 / Month 30 (Thursday).
* Winning will be limited to 1 people 1.
* Fictitious applicant information, or applications other than the applicant's address, name, and telephone number will be refused.
* Please be aware that if you have incompleteness, or if you apply for other than postal return postcards, arrival after the deadline will be invalid.
* Since the lottery result will be printed on the "back side for reply", please send it as a blank sheet.
Please do not paste paper, stickers etc., use of correction liquid.
* We will refuse to buy and sell admission tickets on the Internet etc strictly. If it turns out that it is an application for resale, it will be excluded from the lottery. In addition, we refuse admission when trading is confirmed.
* Troubles due to counterfeiting or fictitious exhibition of admission tickets at internet trading site, etc.
* There is no parking lot at the venue, so please use a nearby parking lot or use public transportation.
* There is no reception at the fan club.

★ We will inform you of the broadcast date as soon as it is decided.

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