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NHK Radio No. 1 "Furusato boasted song boasting" appeared !! 2019 / 1 / 18 (Fri) watching TV program viewing!


[Program Ferris recruitment]
We will appear on the NHK Radio No. 1 "Bragging Furusato boasted song". (Broadcast date undecided)
We are recruiting programs on NHK.

[Date] 2019 Year 1 Month 18 Friday (Friday) Open 17: 00 / Start 17: 40 / End 20: 10 (planned)
[Venue] Gifu Prefecture / Ibigawa Town Community Exchange Center "Hanamon" (27-7 in the upper reaches of Iba-gun, Gifu Prefecture / Iron Railway "Iba Station" in about 10 minutes by car)
[Cast] Miyuki Kawanaka, Hayabusa, local casts everyone

★ viewing application method ★

Admission is free, admission ticket (1 people admission Allowed in 2 sheets) is required.
Please apply to specify the following required information to the postal postcard.

[Fill matters]
<Oshin for surface>
461-0005 Higashizakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
NHK Planet Chubu "Furusato boasted boast" brigade
<Back for Oshin>
(1) Zip Code (2) Address (3) Name (4) Telephone Number
<Reply surface>
(1) ZIP Code (2) Address (3) Name
<Back for a reply>
Do not write anything because to print the lottery results.

2018 years 12 month 14 Date (gold) no later than
[Lottery result]
2018 year 12 month 21 day (Friday) shipping schedule
※ Admission tickets are required from children aged over 1 years old.
※ elected I will restrict your 1 person 1 through.
※ on the lottery if a large number of applicants, we will ship the results of the election-defeat.
※ purchase for the purpose of resale in the Internet auction, etc. strictly prohibited. If the trade was found to be a purchase for the purpose of, I will consider it as outside the lottery object.
※ Because print the lottery results in "back for a reply," Please send remains blank. Paste such as paper seal, please refrain from use of correction fluid.
※ information I received at the time of your application, in addition to I am allowed to use to contact you of the lottery result, in the NHK, it may be allowed to use to ask the reception fee.
※ There is no application accepted in the meeting of the peregrine falcon.

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