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Meteor of Romance [First Press Limited Edition]

Release Date: 2016 / 11 / 02 12cm single / VICL-37190 ¥ 1,389 + tax

【recorded music】
01 meteor of Romance
02 graduation day cafe
03 tears of lullaby
04 meteor of Romance (Original Karaoke)
05 graduation day cafe (original karaoke)
06 tears of lullaby (Original Karaoke)
07 meteor of Romance (Melo entering karaoke)
08 graduation day cafe (Melo containing karaoke)
09 meteor of Romance (karaoke for female voice)

7 work first single of the new generation of song group falcon.
The essence of pop songs leading to the Heisei from Showa, plus the peregrine falcon has "youth," "sense of speed", became the "attractive", "listen to" dynamic music.
Placed on a dramatic playing piano and electric guitar and strings, play, show off your vocals Hikaru Yamato village headman was taking advantage of the respective flavor! Sung brilliant a story of love that unfolds under the starry sky!
Since its debut song, familiar versed house, Hitoshi Mr. Toshiya Itani In Hayabusa work, composer and Satoshi Hibara Hayabusa, which entered the "meteor of Romance" ··· 5 th year by Mr., and further strong progress in this music!

※ recorded "Tears of the lullaby" in the Limited Edition as a bonus track

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