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Why is Yokohama ... [First Press Limited Edition]

Release Date: 2014 / 02 / 26 12cm single / VICL-37168 ¥ 1,400 + tax

【recorded music】
01 Why Yokohama ...
02 It's falcon festival
03 Shianbashi blues
Why is Yokohama ... (original · karaoke)
05 It's falcon festival (original karaoke)
06 Shianbashi Bruce (original karaoke)
07 Why is Yokohama ... (karaoke with a melody)
08 It's falcon festival (Melo entering karaoke)
09 Why is Yokohama ... (Karaoke for women)

New generation singing group Hayabusa long-awaited new single is, following the "Yokohama illicit love," "yo whoa Yokohama", Yokohama series third bullet!
Drifting sadness, memories of Yokohama city. To rain hail as if telling the end of love, "why" ... it echoed the cry of regret and grief of heart.
The coupling "It's falcon festival" long-awaited first recording, the Limited Edition, a whopping recording cover songs the "Shianbashi Blues"!

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