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Spider man's dance (single version) (C type)

Release Date: 2018 / 03 / 07 12cm single / VICL-37358 ¥ 1,204 + tax

【recorded music】
01 Spider man's dance (single version)
Poetry: Yu Aku / Composition: Kenichi Yamada
02 New Waltz
Poetry: Atsushi Hashimoto / Composition: Tadashi Yoshida / Arrangement: Yasuhiko Kudo
03 Spider man dance (single version) (original · karaoke)
04 new place waltz (original · karaoke)

【Type C】Coupling song "New Waltz"
For C type, the song "New Waltz" which was hit by Showa 3 year with the same 3 people "Let's Go 48 animals" as Hayabusa is recorded as a cover song of Enka · Kayokyoku!
Hayabusa's 3 people will sing "famous people to know" as a work of Mr. Tadashi Yoshida, an exclusive composer at Victor Records! !

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