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Spider man dance (single version) (A type)

Release Date: 2018 / 03 / 07 12cm single / VICL-37356 ¥ 1,204 + tax

【recorded music】
01 Spider man's dance (single version)
Poetry: Yu Aku / Composition: Kenichi Yamada
02 Hayabusa Rockin 'Go!
Poetry: Masuko Masuko / Composition: Tomoyasu Uehara / Arrangement: Tomoaki Uehara, Yasuhiro Abe
03 Spider man dance (single version) (original · karaoke)
04 Hayabusa Rockin 'GOGO! (Original · Karaoke)

Hayabusa's 9 work single eyes, the title is "Spider man's dance" (single version).

Yamada Kenichi sound producer before unaided unpublished poem by Yu Aku who had memorial year of lyricist 2017 year after death in 10 year · 50 year · lyricist XNUMX year.

2017 Year 11 Moon released on 15 day "album Ayu Yu Memorial Songs ~ Youth is broken" was completely renewed "Spider man's dance" as a new recording, this time as a genuine "single version" of Hayabusa Release! A song with a pop sound reminiscent of a series of hit works by Yu Aku!
Hayabusa attacks from the front in the work world of songwriter Ayu Ayu representing Japanese singing circles!

【A type】Coupling song "Hayabusa Rockin 'Go!"

Mr. Naozumi Naozumi vocalist of the individuality rock band "Tenjyuten" formed more than 30 years, composed by Mr. Tomoyasu Atom!
And each participate in recording as a guest chorus & guitar!
Mr. Tomoyasu Uehara child rock guitar and raw Japanese drum performance play hot battle, Hikaru enka vocals merge there! ... As well as "Spider man's dance", the ultimate "heterogeneous fighting music"!

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