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The future is Joe! Joe! [Normal Edition B type]

Release Date: 2017 / 07 / 12 12cm single / VICL-37284 ¥ 1,204 + tax

【recorded music】
01 The future is Joe! Joe!
02 Dreams anytime
03 The future is Joe! Joe! (Original Karaoke)
04 Dream anytime (original · karaoke)

Following the hit single "Evo Rev!" "Hyadayn" Sound Produce No. 2 bullet!

Opening theme song of TV Tokyo series animation "Duel Masters" (Sunday asa 8: 30 ~).
Following the 6th single "Evo Rev!", Which was also the theme song of the same animation series last year, sound production by Mr. Kenichi Yamada before this work is also Hyadyne!
With the pop sound, the vocal that the main vocal · Hikaru 's fisting' worked is now also clearly evolving!
And the combination with Yamato Chowya is perfect, the music full of speed is finally completed!

Includes masterpieces "Anytime Dreams" on Coupling.

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