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Eborebo! [First Press Limited Edition] (Anime Jacket)

Release Date: 2016 / 03 / 02 12cm single / VICL-37145 ¥ 1,204 + tax

【recorded music】
01 Eborebo!
03 Eborebo! (Original Karaoke)
04 Go Go! YOKOHAMA (original karaoke)

TV Tokyo series every Sunday morning 8:30 ~ 9:00 broadcasting popular anime "Duel Masters VSR" 2016years 1month 10(Sun) from Hayabusa "Eborebo! "I am determined to be the opening theme song!
Smiling numerous and popular anime in the wake of the smash hit of the video, was produced a tie-up song of the TV program, the whole body of 1song genius-Hyadain teacher was created for the falcon!

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