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Hayabusa Fast [First Press Limited Edition]

Release Date: 2017 / 03 / 15 12cm album / VIZL-1125 ¥ 3,900 + tax

Contents of recording
«Limited Edition DVD»
★ singles all A-side of (7 song) "Music Video Collection"
1. "Yokohama illicit love"
2. "Yo whoa Yokohama"
3. "Why Yokohama ..."
4. "Romantic Tokyo"
5. "Tango of moonlight"
6. "Eborebo!"
7. "Meteor of Romance"

【recorded music】
★ Limited Edition all 12 song / Edition all 15 song recording
1. "Yokohama illicit love" (debut single)
2. "Yo whoa Yokohama" (2nd Single)
3. "Why Yokohama ..." (3rd Single)
4. "Romantic Tokyo" (4th Single)
5. "Moonlight Tango" (5th Single)
6. "Eborebo!" (6th Single)
7. "Meteor of Romance" (7th Single)
8. "Unreasonable jin" (NHK Minna no Uta)
9. "Hokuto to town" (first recording original songs)
(Poetry: Toshiya Nitei / Composition: Masayoshi Tsuruoka / Arrangement: Tatsuo Matsui)
10. "Vicissitudes of life" (first recording original songs)
(Lyrics: Kazuhi / Composition: Satoshi Hinohara / Arrangement: Yasuhiko Kudo)
11. "Love You Tokyo" (first recording cover songs)
(Poetry: Naomi Uehara / Composition: Hiroyuki Nakagawa / Arrangement: Toshiaki Maeda)
12. "Niigata Blues" (first recording cover songs)
(Poetry: Kazuyoshi Yamagishi / Poetry: Keigo Mizusawa / Composition: Hideki Yamagishi & Hiroyuki Nakagawa / Arrangement: Toshiaki Maeda)

New generation 1st full album "Hayabusa first" of the song group "Hayabusa" is 3 month 15 Date (water) Release !!
2 type of commodity form Limited Edition (CD + DVD) and the Regular Edition (CD).

The Limited Edition, debut song from "Yokohama illicit love", was appointed as the OP theme of the popular TV anime "Duel Masters", "Eborebo!", And all single-A surface 7 song to the latest song "meteor of Romance" NHK Minna no Uta "unreasonable dust" and others, all 4 songs, including the first songs 12 song. In addition, 7 Disc work !! the DVD was recorded single of all 2 work music video was included

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