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Moon Nana! ... real condition! Hayabusa Fever! ! To

ScheduleMonday 19: 00-(unscheduled)

2019 Year From 6 month, every month 19: 00 ~ Nagara group affiliation talents take turns to deliver live "Month"!

The past broadcast is archived as a video, so please watch from the following ♪

Every Sunday 8: 30-the opening theme song for the anime “Duel Masters !!” airing on TV Tokyo series “Super-Tian Fever! "Hayabusa is singing."

In order to enjoy "Duema" from now on, we will create Hayabusa's original playmat!
Keep an eye out for Hayabusa, which will continue to focus on Duema! !

This time Yamato's 26 birthday plan! Look first! !

The first time to commemorate is the 2 people in Hayabusa!

This time, for the first time see Yabusa! know! Some people may say (!?), So please introduce each profile! One aspect you didn't know about ...?

2019 / 06 / 04UP

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