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"Kaori Mizumori Special Performance" in Meiji Seat


Kaori Mizumori Meiji the first chairman determined performance!
I will present you in a dualistic combination of a play and a concert.


【Presentation time】 11: 00 / 16: 00For details of time, click here

【Appearance】 Kaori Mizumori
Kato tea Nakamoto construction Reiko Oshida Sakko Shiina Iwasa Misaki
Hikaru (Hayabusa) Yamato (Hayabusa) Sadahito Niwa Chihoko Shigeta

【Price】 (tax included)
S seat (1 · 2 Floor seat) 11,000 yen
A seat (3 Floor seat) 5,500 yen
※ Please refrain from admission of children under 6 years old or above / children under 5 years old
※ wheelchair space will be sold at the Meiji theater ticket center and the Meiji theft ticket office

For details, click here

2019 / 01 / 13UP

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