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"Umesawa Fumio · Kaori Kaori Special Performance" in the Osaka


"Umesawa Fumio · Kaori Kaori Special Performance" in the Osaka
Hayabusa's appearance has been decided!

<Part> Age Humanity play "Laughing! Inagawa of success in life"
<Two copies> Fumio Umezawa & Kaori Konishi On Stage
<3 copies> Flower dance picture scroll
Major co-starters: Ryuji Kado, Hayabusa Hikaru, Hayabusa Yamato

Stage time: DetailsHere
Place: Miyazaki (Naka-ku Naka-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture 1-6-14)
Charge: A seat 13,000 yen B seat 8,000 yen C seat 2,500 yen

★ Miyazaki Ticket Center
オペレーター対応 052-308-8899(受付時間 10時~18時)
音声自動24時間対応 0570-02-9514 <Pコード489-087>
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★ Miyazaki Online Ticket

★ About wheelchair space
Customers who purchase wheelchair space
Please call the Ginza Reservation Center TEL 12 - 13 - 052 after the release date (308 month 8899 day).
There is no handling at others.

★ Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999

★ Other ... We deal in Chunichi Shimbun dealers as well.

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