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Information of the album "Kayo songs cover songs 2" reservation event! Mini Live & Rewards Association

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<Album "Kayo Covers Songs 2" Reservation Event Mini Live & Bonusai>

[Benefit Meeting Contents]
On the day of the event, we will organize a bonus meeting <photo shoot & sign colored paper handout (handed over to 2 sheets for one person)> for booking of album "Kayo cover songs 27" released on 2 moon 1 day.

I will post it as soon as it is decided.

1, Recording / Recording (Movie) is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from photographing from the audience seats at the reward meeting.
2, when the contents change or cancellation of the event due to various circumstances, please understand.
3, We will not reissue participation tickets at the time of event losing ticket. (Event participation tickets are valid only on that day.)
4, Please refrain from seating with sheets, baggage, etc.
5, Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions during the event. Those who can not follow instructions will leave on the way.
7, of valuables management, thank you on their own. Theft, etc., organizers do not take any responsibility.
Please refrain from 8, direct inquiries to the venue.

Victor Entertainment customer service office
[TEL] 0570-010-115
[受付時間] 月~金(土日祝除く) /10:00~13:00、14:00~17:00

2019 / 02 / 04UP

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