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3 goons new generation singing group consisting Yamato Hikaru village headman.
Of the group name "Falcon" was named by the image of a "flapping in the future".

2016 year, Paris, France (JAPAN EXPO), London (HYPER JAPAN), appeared in the event in the United States, New York (off-Broadway theater), the width of the activity has also spread overseas.

As a representative song, he was appointed as the OP theme of the popular TV anime "Duel Masters VSRF" "Eborebo! ", There has become a hot topic in the NHK Minna no Uta" unreasonable dust ".

Also, in the 2016 year, Asakusa public hall · Akasaka BLITZ (2days) · One-man concert at Ebisu Garden Hall, and concert full performances at Zepp Nagoya · Zepp Tokyo held in 2017 year again are packed! !

2017 Year 12 Moon 21 day (Thursday) holds a single concert that becomes the 5 bullet at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall! !

Now, the most momentum, is a popular group of the hottest.

1993 / 7 / 19
Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture
Guitar and bass drum playing, photo

Grow up listening to only mood songs under the influence of his grandfather from childhood. In particular favorite thing is, Frank Nagai and Koji Tsuruta, mood songs of bass, such as Dick Mine's a nice person. Big star, Yujiro Ishihara of person Showa that are most respected.

1987 / 4 / 10
AB type
Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture
Shamisen, new dance, folk songs, hot spring

I love Enka since I was a child, aim the singer longing to Misora ​​Hibari san and Haruo Minami.
Folk-Rokyoku also love, are showcased in such events.

1993 / 4 / 26
Osaka-shi, Osaka
Painting, watching movies, reading, ukulele

I love song since I was a child, growing up in particular listening to, such as folk songs and new music.
School days, that went to school to learn the traditional arts in the opportunity, aim the singer.