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“Enka Boys. Live Tour 2019 5th Anniversary Party” Acceptance starts from 10 / 25 (Friday)!


● “Enka Boys. Live Tour 2019 5th Anniversary Party”
[Date / time] 2020 year 1 month 13 day (Monday / holiday)
[Lunch Party] Open: 13: 00 Start: 13: 30
[Night Banquet] Open: 16: 30 Start: 17: 00
[Location] Doshin Hall (3 / JR Sapporo Station, Chuo-ku, Hokkaido)
[Rate] ¥ 7,000 (tax included) (all seats specified)

Please apply by either WEB reception or round-trip postcard reception.

[Web reception (PC / smartphone)]
Please apply after entering the necessary information on the following website.

* Ticket Pia membership registration is required when applying.
* You can apply for only one membership number.
Result notification: Check the lottery results in the “Lottery Application History”.

[Return postcard reception]
Please apply after filling in the following required items in the round-trip postcard.
[1] Representative's full name
[2] Zip code / address
[3] phone number
[4] Fan Club Name: Hayabusa
[5] E-mail address
[6] Hope performance
Example: 4 daytime feast, 4 nighttime feast

11 Monday 15 Friday (Friday)

[Mailing address]
〒220-0012 "Enka boys. LIVE TOUR 2019 (Sapporo performance)"

[Result notification]
Regardless of your win, you will be notified by reply postcard.
11 month 29 day (Friday) shipping schedule

[Contact Us]

※ There is no reception at the fan club.

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