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[Meijiza Performance / Performance Cancellation with Typhoon 19]


[Meijiza Performance / Performance Canceled with Typhoon 19]

As the Typhoon 19 approached, the following performances of the Meijiza performance “Entertainment Life 55 Anniversary Special Hiroshi Itsuki“ Song / Mai / Kan ”Special” were canceled.

In addition to the 12 day (Saturday) performance, the 13 day (Sunday) 11: 00 performance has been canceled.

13 Day (Sun) 16: Currently, 00 performances are scheduled to be performed as usual, but only if it is difficult to attend due to a lack of transportation in your area. Make a transfer.
Please contact the Meijiza Ticket Center for details.

【contact information】
Meiji seat Ticket Center

For other details, please check the Meijiza website.


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