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Cover album "Kayo cover songs 2" 2 / 27 (Wed) release decision !!


【Cover Album release decision! ! ! 】
J pop for Enka · Kayo. "Hayabusa" covers the masterpieces of the era when singing to the next generation, coloring Showa and Heisei!

2019 Year 2 Month 27 day (Wed) released!

"Kayo songs cover songs 2" / Hayabusa

【CD Album】 VICL-65098 List price 2,500 yen + tax
【recorded music】
1. Azusa 2 (Original: Hunter)
2. Champion (Original: Alice)
3. Like a white cloud (Original: monkey rock)
4. 1993 on summer days (original: class)
5. Words to Send (Original: Ocean Supply)
6. Ruby's finger ring (original: Akira Terio)
7. Celebration ship (Original: Kurowaki Ryoo)
8. Mother of the quay (Original: Shiko Kikuchi / Yuriko Futaba / Yuriko Futaba)

As purchaser entrance lottery privilege, Hayabusa logo entered Hayabusa Original · Backpack Tote Bag by lottery 100 name gifts (included for initial production)

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