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☆ New goods information ☆ 11 / 25 (Saturday) "Hayabusa prospect live !! ~ Y · H · S 3MAN ~" started selling!

☆ ★ ☆ falcon new goods sale information ☆ ★ ☆
11 / 25 (Saturday) Culture Broadcasting × Nagara Group Joint LIVE "Hayabusa Observation Live !! ~ Y · H · S 3MAN ~" Now on sale! !

● Hayabusa Calendar 2018: ¥ 2,000
(Limited edition sales)
· Hayabusa introduces products! ! ↓
※ It leads to an external site.

[Goods pre-sale of the day]
[Time] 10: 45 ~ 11: 15
[Place] Please confirm at the venue on the day.
※ On the day, after opening, the sales area is very crowded.
※ time zone, location, etc. are subject to change, please understand.

2018 / 1 / 14 (Sunday) CBC Radio "Kayo Best Ten" Public Recording Concert in Yumi Ami no Shima Appearance Decision!

[Announcement of events appearance]
CBC Radio "Kayo Best Ten" Public Recording Concert in Yumi no Oshima

[Date and time] 2018 year 1 month 14 day (Sun) 12: 00 ~ (planned)
[Place] Mie Prefecture / Yu Ami no island 3 Floor Ballroom Stage (JR · Kintetsu / Yoro Railway Line "Kuwana" Station From Bus Station About 20 Minutes)
[Cast] Kaori Mizori, Hayabusa

※ to your viewing requires island admission ticket of hot water Ami. You can see only in hot water Amino Island of admission.
※ public recording concert is the performance of only once.
* Event entry admission tickets will not be distributed. Details on entry methods etc will be posted on the CBC Radio website as soon as it is decided.
※ If the customer of your visit is large, there is a case to expedite the admission start time.
※ If the venue is fully booked, there are times when you can not standing or visit.
※ a placeholder put things there is a risk of such theft. Because I can not take responsibility in us, please refrain.
※ attendant induction of the venue, if you do not follow the guidance you might get your exit.
※ It is public recording of programs of CBC radio on that day. Schedule and contents are subject to change without prior notice.

[Official HP] http://www.nagashima-onsen.co.jp/page.jsp?id=18252
[Q] 052-241-8111 (CBC radio)

12 / 25 (Monday) Hayabusa & Maszazuki Kusuke Concert appearance decision !!

Hayabusa & Matsuraki Kusuke Concert appearance decision
◇ Schedule 12 Month 25 day (Monday)
◇ Time opening 13: 30 / opening 14: 00
◇ Venue Kanagawa · Yamato City Cultural Creation Base Sirius Arts and Culture Hall · Sub Hall
(3 minutes walk from Odakyu Enoshima Line · Sotetsu Main Line "Yamato Station")
◇ Cast performers Hayabusa, Matsuraki Kusuke, Jazz trumpeter Keisuke
◇ All fee specification 4000 yen ※ required advance application
◇ Inquiries Hayabusa & Matsuraki Kusuke Concert Executive Committee
Phone: 090-4823-9330 (responsible: Saito)

In the spring of 2018, the new single "Spider man's dance (single version)" will be released !!

New single "Spider man's dance (single version) released"!
In spring of 2018, we decided to release it as a special single version.
【Mr. Yu Aku's unannounced "Spider man's dance", sound producer Yamada Kenichi before Hyadyne! 】

★ 11 Month 15 Day Release Single version that rearranged "Spider man's dance" (M64861) recorded "Aku Yu Memorial Songs ~ Youth is Fragile" (VICL-20) recorded.

★ Release date · Product details will be announced as soon as we are decided.

12 / 1 (Fri) vs. Ban Event "Shaku no Uta Conference" Appearance Decision!

[Event appearance]
◆ Ban Event "Shaku no Uta Conference" Appearance Decision !!
[Date and time] 12 month 1 day (Friday) opening 18: 30 opening 19: 00
[Venue] Chiba / Kashiwa ThumbUp
(15 minutes walk from "Kashiwa station" south exit)
[Fare] advance sale \ 3,000 + drink fee
On the day \ 3,500 + drink fee (various tax included)
[Cast] Hayabusa, ZEROSTYLE, Vipera, and more ...
[Contact] Kashiwa ThumbUp: 04-7168-8822

<How to purchase tickets>
11 Month 18 day (Saturday) Release Now!
● Kashiwa ThumbUp over-the-counter
● e + (e +)
● Kashiwa ThumbUp mail reservation

[Admission Order]
1. Store ticket
2.e + (e +)
3.ThumbUp Mail reservation
4. On the day tickets

"Spider man's dance" Making picture uploaded to Victor Channel (YouTube) at the time of recording!

Today released !!
Aku Yu compilation album "Yu Aku Memorial Songs Youth is Fragile"

Hayabusa "Spider man's dance" is a making image at the time of recording!
It was uploaded to YouTube's Victor Channel.

【Please see from here

Record maker 7 company co-planned Aku Aku Hayabusa participates in a compilation album as a new song artist unpublished!

Record maker 7 company co-planning
Aku Yu compilation album "Yu Aku Memorial Songs"
Hayabusa participates as a new song artist unpublished!
Now On Sale!!

"Yu Aku Memorial Songs"
"Youth is Fragile" (Victor Entertainment)
Fixed price 2,500 yen + tax

【recorded music】
M01 Pepper Police Department / Pink Lady
M02 Wanted (wanted) / Pink Lady
M03 UFO / Pink Lady
M04 My Blue Bird / Junko Sakurada
M05 Romance / Hiromi Iwasaki
M06 My thought period {Ideal Autumn-Winter = Shushidi} / Hiromi Iwasaki
M07 Cinderella · Honeymoon / Hiromi Iwasaki
M08 I'm not afraid of wolves / Mako Ishino
M09 tangerine / Shinobu Otake
M10 Message to Johnny / Mariko Takahashi
M11 to Mary of Fifth Avenue / Mariko Takahashi
M12 Farewell my friend / Shinichi Mori
M13 Northern Flower / Shinichi Mori
M14 Do not turn back You are beautiful / The Birds / Chorus Conductor: Yasutaka Omori
M15 I can not wait until morning / The Mops
M16 Youth Era / Terao Saiho
M17 If I could play the piano / Kirinji
M18 Monster / UA
M19 Love meteor shower / ESCOLTA
M20 Spider man's dance / Hayabusa

【You can listen from here】

<Comment from Hyadayn (former Yamada Kenichi)>
The more you touch it, its deeper, and the crazy you will marvel.

The world view spun out by the lyricist, Yu Aku who has been running along with the era, unexpectedly has few things feeling "era feeling", I realized again that it was actually universal.

There was opportunity this time, we had "New songs of Aku Yu songs written" 2 songs, we had lent hundreds of unpublished works and we had to look through everything, but deeply rich If there are lyrics, there are lyrics, "What happened, Aku Yu san !?" until the lyrics that would make you want Tsukkomi ...

It became a feeling of catching a treasure box in colorful lyrics.

"Spider man 's dance" is a sexy work that made Pink Lady' s fantasy and Kenji Sawada 's dundee Gotchanko.

I made this a song in the new generation Enka Kayo group "Hayabusa", so I made it a jazz sound that touched the digital sound.

Heterogeneous fighting fights will already pass?

I heard that Mr. Yu Aku hated pretense harmony.

I heard that when the unexpected songs came back from the composer, they got stuck.

I do not know if I could have grinned Ayu Yu, but I think that I could make a song that inherited "Aku Yuujisu" on my own.

Hyadayn (music creator)

Hayabusa &amp; Hyadyne

12 / 13 (Wednesday) "BOYS TIME vol.52 ~ Xmas SP ~ ~" appeared!

[Event appearance]
"BOYS TIME vol.52 ~ Xmas SP ~ ~" cast decision!

◇ Schedule 2017 year 12 month 13 day (Wednesday)
◇ Time opening 17: 00 / opening 17: 30
◇ Venue fee Anim LIVE Station
(Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line "Higashi Shinjuku" Walking 5 Minutes /
Okubo Tokyo Shinjuku-ku 1-11-3 Daito Building B1F)
◇ Ticket price
Advance sale: 3,000 yen / the day: 3,500 yen
(1 drink charge by type)
◇ Event HP
◇ Advance ticket sales start date
11 month 11 day (Saturday) 12: 00 ~
◇ Cast star Hayabusa, Lv. FIVe, VELLE.J, hot blood! Acti section. , XENO, mashup, Vir Leyenda, great super group * LoVe, pop junk school, you feeling installation, 5 Doors, VIMA, etc.

· The order of entry on the day will be "Livepocket order number order → reserve · same day ticket".
· Paid over 6 years old.

2018 / 1 / 2 (Tue) "Ginza Yamano Musical Instrument New Year Special Ginza Hatsuta Uta 2018" appearance decided!

"Ginza Yamano Musical Instruments New Year Special Ginza Hatsu Uta 2018"
☆ main invitation ticket-free

【Date and time】 2018 / 1 / 2 (Tue) 14: 45 ~
【Venue】 Ginza Yamano Musical Instruments Headquarters 7F Event Space JamSpot
(Ginza 4-5-6, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
[Cast] Kaori Mizumori, Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa

☆ How to apply ☆
From 11 / 1 (Wednesday) We will give you a special application postcard at Yamano Musical Instruments Store for those who purchase the target product.
We invite you to events in the lottery from among those who have been submitted.
For target products and other details, please see Yamano Musical Instruments HP etc
【Reception period】 2017 / 11 / 30 (Thursday) Valid until postmark on the day

Ginza Yamano Musical Instruments Headquarter HP

11 / 1 (Wednesday) ~ 11 / 30 (Thu) All Nippon Airways (ANA) Broadcast of "Future is Joe!

【ANA ANA】 In-flight broadcast decision !!】
By ANA Airliner In-flight, Hayabusa's "Future is Joe! Joe!" Broadcast is decided!

"The future is Joe! Joe!" / Hayabusa
◇ Program name used: Kids Song Selection
◇ Period of Use: International / Domestic
2017 year 11 month 1 day ~ 11 month 30 day (1 months)