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6 / 19 (Tue) "Yamano Musical Instruments Enka Festival Origin" Ginka Enka Festival 2018 "Spring Division" Appearance Decision!

[Event appearance]
"Yamano Musical Instruments Enka Festival Original Family" Ginga Enka Festival 2018 "Spring Division"
Date and time: 2018 year 6 month 19 day (Tuesday) 16: 00 ~
Venue: Ginza Yamano Music head office 7F event space JamSpot
★ Admission is free, required tickets
During the period from 2 / 20 (Tuesday) to 5 / 20 (Sunday), we will invite you by lottery from among those who purchased Enka · Kayo music products at Yamano Musical Instruments CD / DVD handling stores and online shops .
We present the application postcard of 5 sheets set in each target your purchase.
◇ Application Deadline: 5 Month 20 Day (Sunday) Effective until postmarked

4 / 11 (Wednesday) Live House event "Boys over flowers 2018 ~ Departure ~" appeared! Tickets on sale now!

【Live House Event】
● 4 month 11 day (Wednesday) opening 18: 00 / opening 18: 30
[Title] "Boys Over Flowers 2018 ~ Departure ~"
[Venue] Ueno Yokocho (Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 3-16-3 / About each line "Ueno station" on foot about 2 minutes)
[Price] Advance tickets ¥ 3,000 / Today's tickets ¥ 3,500
★ Tickets on sale!
Selling at Ueno Yokocho store front. Mail reservation is also possible.
For details, go to Ueno Yokocho's homepage.

Notice of viewing 3 / 14 (Wednesday) radio program "Kirameki Kayo Live"

【Radio program viewing】
3 month 14 Date (water) 20: 05 ~ 21: 30
NHK Radio First
"Kirameki Kayo Live"
☆ About viewing programs
If you wish to fill in the required items, please apply by round-trip postcard (except me).
<Back side for forward communication>Zip code, address, name, phone number
<Surface for reply>Zip code, address, name
【To address】 〒119-0226 NHK Public Program "Kirameki Kayo Live" 3 Month 14 Day Public Relations Division
<Deadline> 2 month 28 day (water) must arrive

* Applicants are limited to 1 times per 1 name.
* 1 name can be admitted per 1 piece.
※ Please send us the blank sheet as it will print lottery results on "Back for back".
Please do not paste paper, stickers etc., use of correction liquid.
There is no reception at the Hayabusa meeting.

4 / 26 (Thu) Concert "3 people 's songs" appeared! FC pre-sale reception in progress!

◆ Concert "3 people 's songs" cast decided!
A wonderful music time weaving together friends of 3 people. Moreover, it is a raw band performance.
Plenty of fun talks. It is a charm-packed concert of 3 people who can only see here.

4 month 26 day (Thursday) opening 14: 00 / opening 14: 30 / terminating 16: 30
<Tokyo> North Kita Pia Azalea Hall (Oji child Kita 1 chome 11-1)
Hayabusa, Iwasa Misaki, Park Jung Young
[Fee] ¥ 4,500 (tax included)

【FC early sale reception in process! 】
Fan club pre-sales period: 2 month until 8 day (Thursday) !!
【How to Receive】
We will accept at "fav ticket center" sponsored by the organizer.
Please tell him that it is a member of Hayabusa Fan Club, and tell the customer's name and contact information.
◆ fav ticket center
TEL: 03 - 3263 - 6612 (weekdays 11: 00 - 17: 00)
Please note that there is no application for fan club ※.

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆
For fan club "Hayabusa no Kai" enrollment contact please do the following.
(Weekdays 13: 30 ~ 17: 30)
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

2 / 24 (Saturday) FC Event "Debut 6 Anniversary All Request Concert" An additional offering decision! Non-members can also apply!

【Debut 6 Anniversary Memorial All Request Concert】
Although it is a fan club event, even non-members can apply!
Those who wish to participate please contact us by phone once to the fan club!

【Performance Day】 2018 Year 2 Month 24 Day (Saturday)
【Venue】 Newsletter Hall (Newsletter Building 2 Level)
【Time】 Opening 12: 30 / opening 13: 00 ~ 15: 00 (4 shot taken after the event ends)
【Charges】 Membership ¥ 5,000 Nonmember ¥ 6,000 (All seats specified, tax included, shipping fee free)
【Phone deadline】 1 Month 30 day (Tuesday) 17: Up to 30
Fan club TEL: 03-5772-1433 (weekday 13: 30 to 17: 30)

5 / 27 (Sunday) "Hiroshi Takeshima · Hayabusa Concert" to be held!

◆ "Hiroshi Takeshima · Hayabusa Concert"
【Performance Day】 2018 Year 5 Month 27 Day (Sun)
【Venue】 Ii Plaza Toyohashi (8 minutes walk from Toyohashi Railway "Nanini" station)
[Time] Opening 13: 00 opening 13: 30
【Price】 5,000 yen (All seats specified · tax included)

★ Early reservation: Reservation starts from January 26 day (Friday)!
· Three State Promotion 0532-56-3333 (Weekday 10: 00 to 18: 00)
★ General release: 2 Month released on 23 day (Friday)!
· Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 (P code: 349-599)
· I Plaza Toyohashi 0532-46-7181
· Country department stores in the country 0532-53-5064
· Swallow store Musical instrument store 0532-52-3853
· Three State Promotion 0532-56-3333 (Weekday 10: 00 to 18: 00)

2018 Year 3 Month 7 Day Release We will inform you of the details of the new single! !

New single "Spider man's dance (single version)" release information !!
2018 Year 3 Month 7 Day Release !!

♪ I'm a good man of spider-man dance ~ ♪

The single for 9 work is an unpublished work "Spider man 's dance" by a lyricist / Aku Yu who greeted Memorial Year in 2017 year! Sound Produce is Hyadyne! !
Full renewal of "Spider man's dance" recorded in the album "Aku Yu Memorial Songs" released on 11 Mon 15 day, will be released as Hayabusa's "Single Version" this time! !

● Hayabusa "Spider man's dance" (A type) VICL-37356
● Hayabusa "Spider man's dance" (type B) VICL-37357
● Hayabusa "Spider man's dance" (C type) VICL-37358
Price: \ 1,204 + Tax each

【A type】
M1 "Spider man's dance" (single version)
Poetry: Yu Aku / Composition: Kenichi Yamada
M2 "Hayabusa Rockin 'Go!"
Poetry: Masuko Masuko / Composition: Tomoyasu Uehara / Arrangement: Tomoaki Uehara, Yasuhiro Abe
M3 "Spider man's dance" (single version) (original · karaoke)
M4 'Hayabusa Rockin' Go! '(Original / Karaoke)

A type of coupling song "Hayabusa Rockin GOGO!" Is composed by Naoki Sumitomo, a singer-songwriter, guitarist vocalist Naozumi, who has formed an individualistic rock band "Xiao Heaven" who has formed more than 30 years! And each participate in recording as a guest chorus & guitar!
Rock guitar of Uehara child Tomoaki and raw Japanese drum performance play hot battle, and Hikaru's enka vocal fuses there! ... As well as "Spider man's dance", the ultimate "heterogeneous fighting music"!

【Type B】
M1 "Spider man's dance" (single version)
Poetry: Yu Aku / Composition: Kenichi Yamada
M2 "Good-bye mode"
Poetry / composition: Shinya Tada
M3 "Spider man's dance" (single version) (original · karaoke)
M4 "Sayonara mode" (original · karaoke)

For B type of coupling song "Goodbye mode". Hayabusa's "live house limited singing song" written and composed by Shinya Tada, a hit maker who offers works to numerous artists! ! What kind of light will 3 vocals emit in pop sounds? stay tuned!

【Type C】
M1 "Spider man's dance" (single version)
Poetry: Yu Aku / Composition: Kenichi Yamada
M2 "New Waltz"
Poetry: Atsushi Hashimoto / Composition: Tadashi Yoshida / Arrangement: Yasuhiko Kudo
M3 "Spider man's dance" (single version) (original · karaoke)
M4 "New Waltz" (Original · Karaoke)

And for C type, the song "New Waltz" which was hit by Showa 3 year with the same 3 people "Let's Go 48 animals" as Hayabusa is recorded as a cover song of Enka · Kayokyoku! Hayabusa 's 3 people will sing "famous songs to know" as a work by Tadashi Yoshida, an exclusive composer at Victor Records! !

"Spider man's dance choreography lesson video" is on sale! ! Please have a look! !


2018 / 4 / 18 (Wednesday) "19th Night Group Night Cherry Enka Enka Festival" Appearance Decision !!

"19th Night Group Night Sakura Enka Enka Festival" appearance appeared!
【Date and time】 2018 year 4 month 18 day (Wednesday)
[Afternoon] opening 14: 00 / opening 14: 30
[Night] opening 18: 00 / opening 18: 30
【Venue】 Tokyo / Itabashi Ward Cultural Center (Toyu Tojo Line 'Oyama' Station North Near Foot 3 minutes)
【Price】 ¥ 5,500 (All seats specified · tax included)
【Appearance】 Yutaka Yamakawa, Toshie Fujino, Toshimi Tagawa, Kaori Mizumori, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Sakko Shiina, Misaki Iwasa, Hayabusa
[Moderator] NishiYadoriki east
[Guest] Isao Sasaki, Biriken
Other details will be announced as soon as it is decided.

☆ New goods information ☆ 11 / 25 (Saturday) "Hayabusa prospect live !! ~ Y · H · S 3MAN ~" started selling!

☆ ★ ☆ falcon new goods sale information ☆ ★ ☆
11 / 25 (Saturday) Culture Broadcasting × Nagara Group Joint LIVE "Hayabusa Observation Live !! ~ Y · H · S 3MAN ~" Now on sale! !

● Hayabusa Calendar 2018: ¥ 2,000
(Limited edition sales)
· Hayabusa introduces products! ! ↓
※ It leads to an external site.

[Goods pre-sale of the day]
[Time] 10: 45 ~ 11: 15
[Place] Please confirm at the venue on the day.
※ On the day, after opening, the sales area is very crowded.
※ time zone, location, etc. are subject to change, please understand.

2018 / 1 / 14 (Sunday) CBC Radio "Kayo Best Ten" Public Recording Concert in Yumi Ami no Shima Appearance Decision!

[Announcement of events appearance]
CBC Radio "Kayo Best Ten" Public Recording Concert in Yumi no Oshima

[Date and time] 2018 year 1 month 14 day (Sun) 12: 00 ~ (planned)
[Place] Mie Prefecture / Yu Ami no island 3 Floor Ballroom Stage (JR · Kintetsu / Yoro Railway Line "Kuwana" Station From Bus Station About 20 Minutes)
[Cast] Kaori Mizori, Hayabusa

※ to your viewing requires island admission ticket of hot water Ami. You can see only in hot water Amino Island of admission.
※ public recording concert is the performance of only once.
* Event entry admission tickets will not be distributed. Details on entry methods etc will be posted on the CBC Radio website as soon as it is decided.
※ If the customer of your visit is large, there is a case to expedite the admission start time.
※ If the venue is fully booked, there are times when you can not standing or visit.
※ a placeholder put things there is a risk of such theft. Because I can not take responsibility in us, please refrain.
※ attendant induction of the venue, if you do not follow the guidance you might get your exit.
※ It is public recording of programs of CBC radio on that day. Schedule and contents are subject to change without prior notice.

[Official HP] http://www.nagashima-onsen.co.jp/page.jsp?id=18252
[Q] 052-241-8111 (CBC radio)