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Guidance of the official fan club, "Kai Hayabusa"

Privilege of membership
Issuance of membership card
Join Memorial gift presentation
Mail delivery of schedule
Dispatch of the newsletter (about year 4 times)
Guidance of priority sales of concert tickets
New Member
1 year: 3,500 yen (admission fee: 500 yen, annual fee: 3,000 circle)
1 year 3,000 circle than next year

Account number: 00100-3-291051
Subscriber Name: Hayabusa no kai
Kai Hayabusa
〒 106-0032
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5-1-3 Goto Building 1st.2F
TEL: 03-5772-1433 (weekdays 13: 30 ~ 17: 30)
Payment method
1. To use the post office built-in payment handling vote (blue), please remit.
2. Please fill in the account number and the subscriber's name.
3. Please fill out do not forget to fill out matters under the communication field.

·Postal code
·Street address
·Name: Furigana)
·phone number
  1. Note
  2. 1. Please remittance post office account, or from the ATM in the "postal transfer".
  3. 2. Remittance .. please "normal payment" of the post office. Please take care that it can not accept the remittance by bank transfer, wire-registered mail.
  4. 3. Receive at the time of remittance at the post office, "receipt", please keep it in a safe place.
  5. 4. Are not included in the fee payment paid to the post office to the member.
  6. 5. You can not name change after admission.
  7. 6. The membership fee you have just paid once, refund even within the expiration date I can not do so, please understand.

Guidance of official mobile site "Nagara 33yori.com"

Nagara 33yori.com the latest information of the falcons, of course, here not only read the column or standby image, it is a mobile site, such as you can enjoy the video ♪
Feature phones, smartphones.


  • Profile
  • Schedule
  • Standby image
  • Ringtone
  • Chakugoe
  • Movie
  • Column "8823 pitter-patter diary"
  • Event Report
  • E-mail magazine "Hayabusa flights" (week 1 times delivery)
  • ※ The content is by the terminal not be available.
  • Charge: monthly 300 yen (excluding tax)